As product designer, education and development, Johnette states that her goal is to create "timeless and unique aromas, simple and complex blends and health and wellness products essential oils, that enhance the quality of ones life".

Unique Aromatic and Organic Skincare products are inspired by nature. Owners, Johnette and Johan travel around the world observing ways to incorporate the geography, culture, and native smells of the different countries they visit. The results are offering the highest quality essential oils, raw ingredients, and purest products available on the market.

Johnette is a Master Aromatherapist and Skincare Specialist with over 20 years of experience. Johnette travels the world bringing back unique knowledge and experiences that she incorporates into her products.


Our products are made using the highest quality Kosher Organic natural raw ingredients, essential oils, and natural actives. Our products focus on quality, concentration, and results. Our products are packaged in beautiful recycled glass, PET environmentally friendly plastics, and nature friendly containers.

We do not use any synthetic dyes, chelating agents, parabens, whiteners, or synthetic fragrances in any of our products. Plant-derived preservatives are used and grown in our three acre garden to protect product freshness and shelf life naturally.

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