We use only raw ingredients that are certified Organic, Koser, Peta, and Phthalate free in all our products. Johnette works closely with her source (102 year old family own and operated) Supplier. They have staff who carefully test, and select only the finest 100% therapeutic grade essential oils available directly from the farms they are grown and distilled on. Johnette then used these raw ingredients to create her own magical, rejuvenating, and healing aromas. Her skin care is created from years of research and her own experience of natural remedies for regenerative properties. Johnette states that her goal is to not cover up skin issues or hide problems but regenerate damaged tissue from the inside out causing reversal of damaged skin. Products include Aromatherpy Diffusers, Hydrosols, Essential Oils, Perfumes, Healing Skincare, Lotions, Body Butters, Johnette's Memory Candles, Aromatherapy for Children, Aromatherapy for Pets, Soaps.

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